Presenting 28 Premium View Lots in Wildomar, CA

Tract 29476 in the City of Wildomar

Status:  Active

Commission:  Full 6% to Buyer Broker

Price:  1.6M

Total Acreage:  19.83 Gross

Buildable Acreage:  8.79

Original Developer Engineer and Entitlement Cost:  3.2M

Significantly Discounted to Sell Quickly Given Unforeseen Circumstances

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28 Lot Site

28 Premium View Lots in Wildomar, CA

Project Notes, Tract 29476 in the City of Wildomar

Project Name: Alta Colina, LLC


California Water Boards, Stormwater
WDID/App ID: 9-33C371295 – 45043, ACTIVE
NPDES, WQMP, Army Corp, 401, 404, and MSHCP permits are ACTIVE.
A burrowing owl study which is only valid for 30 days has to be re-submitted to City before
grading. This process is inexpensive and the City will process immediately.
11 acres are not buildable and will be owned/managed by the RCA (Lots 29 and 30 are the RCA
lots in the plans).
A soils report has already been submitted and approved.
All entitlements and biologicals are completed (except burrowing owl).

We strongly recommend that the builder retains Osment Grading.  Recent bid available.
Grading can begin immediately after a final retaining wall plan is submitted and the grading
bond is posted (grading permit is paid), but another builder may want to submit their own wall

The Verdura retaining wall system in our estimates will be the most cost effective solution (we reviewed 3 systems). This will require a structural engineer to prepare a plan and calculations, and the city will approve within 2-3 weeks per the Engineering Department, or Kameron Saber, who is the Senior City Engineer.

Water and sewer plans were approved, but they did recently expire. A new will serve letter was
just completed by EVMWD.  Our engineers advised us that the plans can be quickly plan checked again for approximately $4,000.00 with the Elsinore Valley Water District (engineer
cost). This is can be done within 2 weeks per our civil and City Engineer. The current plans do
not require any changes. Water and sewer main lines, and all other utilities, are already in David Lane servicing KB Homes across the street, and they are ready to tap per engineers.

Street, storm drain, landscaping, stripping/signs, and lighting plans are approved and ready to go,
We have 6 street lights, and we have to finish our portion of David Lane.

We have a precise grade plan based on our architectural drawings, but it was not submitted
recently because another builder may have a different product that they want to build which
usually requires an updated precise plan. Precise grading plan can be submitted and approved
within 2 weeks per City Engineering,

There is approximately 10-12K of engineering work left on this project. This is the precise
grade, retaining wall, and resubmitting the water/sewer. Over 250K has been invoiced by Larry
Markham Engineering for this project since the City was incorporated (including another 200K
before the City was incorporated, 450K total). We have a full accounting from Markham Engineering.

Other Highlights:
We have a lien agreement in lieu of posting bonds in place, and we have a refundable $12,000.00
deposit concerning bonds. The only exception to bonding is the grading bond which is the only
one that has to be posted.

Grading permit deposit already made with City for $4,500.00.

County Area Drainage Flood Control Fees have been paid in full on February 7, 2006 in the
amount of $35,264.28. Riverside County Flood Control contact is Andy Leung at 951-955-1268:

A CFD has already been formed in the Sub-Division Improvement Agreement for maintaining
the common areas, and we elected not to form an HOA.

Our portion of the Future Estrella Road/Bridge fee paid, $101,000.00, is noted on grading plan as

Erosion control has already been implemented on the property to keep environmental permits

Please do not hesitate to contact me here:

Clay Zaccaglini, MBA, PMP

Calprop Group, Inc. 

General Building Contractor CSLB 1054540

Real Estate Broker DRE 2094591

C: 760-450-6885